Update (21 August 2015):


3 months out and things are running according to plan. We have sold all but 4 of the tables and have secured a number of exciting auction prizes from unique military insights, sporting experiences and art. We have also been fortunate enough to have several patrons of the charities we are supporting, as well as a number of both senior Generals & younger officers with recent experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, sign up to host our guests for the evening, adding colour and substance to the narrative that will be provided by our speakers.

More immediately, our Launch Party will be held next month, courtesy of Robin Birley and the team at his London club, 5 Hertford Street. Here the Organising Team will meet all of the stakeholders of the event – Banks’ CEOs, Heads of Charities and Prize Donors – to give them a feeling of how things are going and to send them away in turn with a message and a picture to paint for their guests.

In a sentence, as the date creeps closer, deadlines are being met and the event is taking shape – it should be an excellent night!